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J.N. PAQUET is a children's author and journalist who has written over 20 children’s books translated into nine languages, including the...

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Elizabeth V Roach

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I am a children's writer. As a teacher I served in Bolivia, Peru, Panama and United States. I earned my teaching credentials at...

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Mark Wood - Polar Explorer

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I am a polar explorer and adventurer - over the years I have covered thousands of miles of frozen ice taking me to the North and South...

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David Gallo

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David Gallo was one of the first oceanographers to use a combination of submarines and robots to map the undersea world. As Director of...

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Christopher Tozier

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I am the author of the award winning middle grade series Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus. Instead of vampire, fairies, and...

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Sara Richards

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I am an Instructional Technology Specialist at an elementary school in Austin, Texas. I have been teaching for almost 15 years, and love...

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Rachel E Cole

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Author of the humorous middle grade novel, The Rabbit Ate My Homework. Rachel lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, with her...

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Kallie George

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Kallie George is an author and editor living in Vancouver, BC. She completed her Masters of Children’s Literature at the University of...

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Kevin Kurtz

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Kevin Kurtz is the author of the children's books A Day in the Salt Marsh, A Day on the Mountain, A Day in the Deep and Uncovering...

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Rohini Chowdhury

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I am a widely published children's writer and literary translator, with more than thirty books and several short stories to my credit. My...

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Carol Gordon Ekster

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I now write for kids full time after teaching 4th grade for 35 years.

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sandra u

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I am very interested in cultural projects like this as it is a great way for students to get talking about similarities and differences I...

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Kenneth C. Davis

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I am the author of the Don't Know Much About® series of books and videos. For the past four years, I have been using Skype to visit...

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I am the writer of five children's books: Tristan Wolf, A Planet for Tristan Wolf, The Wanting Monster (El Monstruo Quierelotodo--Spanish...

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Paul Czajak

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Paul Czajak got an ‘F’ with the words “get a tutor” on his college writing paper and after that, never thought he’d become a writer. But...

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Tanuj Parikh

Skype Employee Guest Speaker

Born & raised in NYC, I love the Knicks more than is rational. But I also do business development at GroupMe (acquired by Skype in...

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Dr. Susanne Neuer

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My main research interest is in the area of ocean biogeochemistry; especially the dynamics of the biological carbon pump, and the role of...

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Jacqueline Botterill

I have worked at Skype for 7 years now in London as a PR Manager and most recently Social Good Manager. I worked on Skype in the...

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Mr Solar

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I am a solar power integrator and energy advisor. 5+ years of experience installing rooftop and ground mounted solar arrays, as well as...

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Tee Crane

Tee Crane is the creator of Vertical Living Systems - A process of developing Emotional Intelligence and Intuitive Thinking to awaken...