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J.N. PAQUET is a children's author and journalist who has written over 20 children’s books translated into nine languages, including the...

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Elizabeth V Roach

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I am a children's writer. As a teacher I served in Bolivia, Peru, Panama and United States. I earned my teaching credentials at...

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Mark Wood - Polar Explorer

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I am a polar explorer and adventurer - over the years I have covered thousands of miles of frozen ice taking me to the North and South...

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David Gallo

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David Gallo was one of the first oceanographers to use a combination of submarines and robots to map the undersea world. As Director of...

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Emma Robens

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Hi, I have helped establish Corals For Conservation over the last 8 years - the work of Dr Austin Bowden-Kerby and I have created...

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My name is David Estes. I am the Education Director at the Livingston County War Museum in Pontiac IL. The staff of our museum includes...

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Magdalena AK Muir

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My name is Magdalena A K Muir. I am a Research Associate with the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary, and...

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Margot Finke-author

I am the author of 14 published books for children. My goal is to HOOK Kids on Reading - I spent the first half of my life in...

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Matthew Traver

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Explorer and filmmaker - Matt Traver is a British-American national originally from Hong Kong. He has organised...

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Kevin Kurtz

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Kevin Kurtz is the author of the children's books A Day in the Salt Marsh, A Day on the Mountain, A Day in the Deep and Uncovering...

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Jean Reidy, Children's Author

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Jean Reidy is a children’s author and two-time winner of the Colorado Book Award. She is a frequent presenter at national and local...

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Lori Degman, Author

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During the day, I am a teacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students and during nights, weekends and school holidays, I'm a children's picture...

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Mrs Linford

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I teach French in two primary schools in England. I use eTwinning ( to work with other teachers in Europe and am an...

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Christopher Tozier

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I am the author of the award winning middle grade series Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus. Instead of vampire, fairies, and...

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Crime Travelers

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‘Brainwashed’ author inspires kids to read. Students travel with children's author Paul Aertker without leaving the classroom thanks to...

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Jennifer R. Nolan

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I am a writer and conservationist, in addition to being a proud mother of four sons. Visiting classrooms to talk about why we need to...

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George C. Marshall Foundation

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The Marshall Foundation is dedicated to celebrating the legacy of George C. Marshall and inspiring new leaders. The independent Marshall...