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About me

I am a British adventurer, ecologist, and environmentalist. I'm also the head of Sculpt the Future Foundation, a charity that supports innovations and creativity in social and environmental impact efforts.

In the late 2000s I developed a mission to raise awareness of the Pacific Garbage Patch. My team and I designed and built a new form of sustainable boat called the "Plastiki". The Plastiki and its crew sailed over 8,000 nautical miles from San Francisco to Sydney. The construction of the ship was notable not only for its use of recycled plastic bottles as a primary building material, but also using reclaimed and environmentally friendly materials throughout.

I have written a book called, 'The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change—Or Live Through It' and I created the TV show, Eco Trip: The Real Cost of Living. This was an eight part series on the production methods behind household items and the impact their use has on the environment.

I'd love to Skype with your classroom about my experiences on The Plastiki and why I do what I do.