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I am a technology facilitator at a small K-8 school. We have webcams and desktop mics and teachers and students who want to connect with other classrooms around the world. We are also interested in participating in collaborative projects with groups of classrooms from around the world.

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Global Book Club

Skype lesson in Reading & writing with sch5thgrade

I am interested in creating a Global Book Club. My 5th grades are very interested in connecting with students from around the world and discussing books before, during, and after...


Poetry Cafe

Skype lesson in Languages with Ms DSouza

Hello! I am a Grade 4/5 teacher in Ontario. My class will be learning about different forms of poetry in April. Near the end of the month we will be having a poetry cafe…it would be...

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Read (and Skype) Across America

Resource shared by Shannon

During Monday through Wednesday of the week of Read Across America (February 28 - March 2), we would like to try to have someone from each of the 50 states read a book to a group of our...