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About me

Winners Education is a private school in Athens, Greece.

Winners Education has students of all ages(7 to adults) who are learning a variety of languages.
This year classes run in English, German, French at all levels and Italian and Turkish at Beginner level.

We love to skype and share projects with classes around the world.
Our bilingual wiki www.winnerseducation.wikispaces.com and our blog www.winnerseducation.blogspot.gr will give you an idea of our work.

I take part in #MysterySkype lessons

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Global Lunch(boxes)

Skype lesson in Culture with WinnersEducation

Do your students have lunch at school or at home? We are wondering where other students around the world have lunch and what they eat. Learning about each other's culture opens our...


What makes us Happy

Skype lesson in Languages with WinnersEducation

We all realise how essential it is for everyone, especially children, to learn to focus on the positive side of their lives at a time when everything around them seems to cause the...

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