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I am looking for a classroom that would like students to be on either in groups and/ whole class. Possibly do lessons together or book clubs ect..

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Weather All Around

Skype lesson in Science with Mrs. Seibel

I am looking for classrooms to join a project were students will collaborate and share weather in their region. I have access to several types of technology and I am willing to make...

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Skyping Across The US

Skype lesson in Social studies with mrsmo

I have a 3rd grade teacher who is interested in connecting with classrooms around the United States to learn what students think are the best things about their state.


Reading Blog

Skype lesson in Reading & writing with kmm2311

My 5th grade students want to share in a global community of readers. I will set up a virtual book club using a blog site. Students could read and discuss the book sharing predictions,...

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Research together

Resource shared by Mrs. Seibel

I thought it would be fun to find a topic to let students research together and present information. I am a 4th grade classroom and we are getting ready to study weather. We could penpal...