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About me

Gifted Education classroom in Missouri! Interested in learning with Science, Math, Technology, and Space. We love to learn... about everything! We are an inquiry based learning classroom. We enjoy collaborative projects, presenting to each other via Skype, and are interested in a variety of topics and questions.

If you've never tried Skype and want to try it out, we'll have a quick test call to get your class started!

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KidVote Mock Election

Skype lesson in History with Krissy Venosdale

Is your school getting ready for the upcoming Presidential Election? We are voting with kids all around the country and our class is preparing an election in our school. We are looking...

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Mystery Skype

Resource shared by Krissy Venosdale

What’s so cool about a Mystery Skype? Everything. A Mystery Skype is when you Skype with another classroom and neither class knows where the other is located. Kids ask questions and try...