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Rambuka eVillage school is situated in a rural area near by a rain forest in Sri Lanka. We have only one Internet connection in our school computer lab and we use it for our learning activities.
We are doing an English club and a morning class before the school time to practice our English. Now, we have been improving our English. We want to talk with foreigners via skype using a common ID - rambuka2.
We wish to do some projects in this site.

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Skype lesson in Languages with Miss magnusson

My students in 8:th grade watch a tv series called Holly's heroes which is about a girl who moves from New Zeeland to Australia. This makes us particulary interested in these two...

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Learning activity in a holy day

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Today is a holiday for us. Early in the morning we started our journey to a mountainous area near by the rain forest as our we suggested. Our Science teacher Mr. Weerasuriya joined us to...