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Hello! My name is Veronica and I teach in a small town called Rafaela in Argentina. I teach English to 7 graders (11 to 12 years old). I have been working with skype for many years with students from USA. I want my students to know more about the world, culture and how other people live around the world.

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Mystery English - Spanish class

Skype lesson in Languages

I teach first grade Spanish immersion. I would like my kids to practice Spanish and help English learners. It can also be with other kids learning Spanish not necessarily English natives....


Spanish Skype or Pen Pals

Skype lesson in Languages

Hola, My name is Jenny and I am a Spanish I and II high school teacher in Hawaii. I would like very much to give my students the opportunity to speak with another class in Spanish. I...


Spanish-English Chat Pals

Skype lesson in Languages

We joined Skype in the Classroom 2 years ago. Since then, our students- who are learning English- have been connecting with students who are learning Spanish to practice both languages,...

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