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Oceans Project

Guest Speaker

Hi there! My name is Sarah Weldon and I'm a scientist (cognitive neuropsychologist) from Great Britain. In 2010 I set up an...

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Hello everyone! I am an English teacher in a French highschool (30 km north of Paris ) with 15-18 year-old students. I would be...

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Elvira Deyamport

I teach 2nd-6th Gifted/Talented classes in the United States. I would like to connect my students to other G/T classes to share projects...

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I am a grades 5-8 Wisconsin Library Media Technology Specialist who loves to integrate technology across all subject areas.

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Shortt 2nd Grade

I am a second grade teacher at Worthington Hooker School in New Haven, CT. Our student base very culturally diverse. We are hoping to...

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I am a School Library Media Specialist for 2 schools in Riverside, Illinois. I work with grades K-5. I am always looking for ways to...

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Danuza Gontijo

ELT teacher teaching all ages in Brazil. Interested in finding other classes and/ or speakers for my classes to be able to communicate to...

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José Popoff

Physics and Chemistry innovative teacher willing to connect, collaborate and share with teachers and engaging my students into it. ...