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Michelle Worgan

I teach Spanish students from primary to adult. I would like to connect with other classrooms of ELLs around the world.

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I'm a middle school teacher specializing in resource language arts. I'm looking to share any interesting ideas with any other teacher who...

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Alternative high school in Anchorage, Alaska. English class would like to connect with students in other areas or countries.

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Plimmerton School - Katie

I teach a class of 5 year olds in Wellington, New Zealand. I'm looking for a chance for my kids to chat with other kids of a similar age...

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Maria Kehres

Would love to make connections with other classes throughout the skype community to collaborate with my students!

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Hello All! I teach a Graphic Design program in Irving, Texas. I'm looking for guest speakers of all kinds, digital artists, designers...

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Dimitrios Galanopoulos

Translator, Interpreter and Teacher in: Portuguese (Brazil), Greek, English. NLP Connoisseur (going for: Practitioner and Master...

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Mrs. Dunn MT

I am a 6th grade teacher in NW Montana. I would like to skype with other 6th grade classrooms and do exchanges/projects with them. I...

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I am interested in creating as many opportunities as possible for my students. More specifically I am interested in a seventh grade...

Avatar of Patrick Woyna

Patrick Woyna

I teach AP Language and Composition along with my freshman and junior students. I teach in Illinois and am always looking to incorporate...

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Mrs. Sanchez

I teach Kindergarten at a private Lutheran school. I want to be able to incorporate technology as much as possible in my classroom. I...

Avatar of Liz McGinnis

Liz McGinnis

I am interested in sharing ideas with History teachers, having students collaborate on projects as well as meeting possible guest...

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Nancy Boyle

I teach HS English, coordinate curriculum for my school, and work in our Institute for 21c Leadership. I would love to Skype with other...

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Hello! my name is zohaib and i m Studying Computer Science and i work as Web Developer at VIXDAR . Computer is my Passion and i want to...

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Jacob Dunn

I am a U.S. History and World Geography Teacher looking to expand my classroom to the world. I Love Technology.

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Mr Fanning

Tideway School, Newhaven, East Sussex. Our school website address is Looking for partner schools for: email...

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Teacher Luckey

My name is Teacher Luckey and welcome to my company EduWorld. Originally based out of South Korea, our company has expanded in growth due...

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This Spring 2013 term four during class exchanges have been scheduled. I will be doing one in class forty minute exchange for each of my...

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A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~Chinese Proverb