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MRS PULLI'S CLASS said on the 19 Sep 20:13
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We are a fifth grade class learning about the solar system and outer space. We actually will be visiting the Challenger Center for a simulation this coming October. My kids are very interested and would love to hear from NASA about their experiences, research, planets, and more. We are open to topics relating to space. If there is anyone interested in joining us, please contact me at This would really help my fifth graders expand on their background knowledge and prep for our upcoming simulation mission.

Mrs. Castellano said on the 15 Sep 04:42
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I am a third grade teacher and we are studying the solar system right now. Would an astronaut or scientist like to Skype with us? Please contact me:
Thank you!

PAMUDITHA said on the 17 Jan 16:19
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I am very Like to work at NASA but i can't do it with in non help
so do you like to help me
I am a sri lankan boy 17 years old
I am very interesting in NASA.Can you help me?

Mrs. Fowler said on the 31 Dec 16:21
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I am a first grade teacher. I am interested in a guest speaker via Skype to answer my students questions about our Astronomy unit we cover. Please contact me.