The Cousteau Curriculum


Mission 31 is addressing a defined need in the academic community for greater environmental and science content for elementary, junior high, and high school courses by offering a curriculum that adheres to the new common core standards.

The Mission 31 team have developed a range of lesson resources appropriate for K-12 on topics including: biodiversity, an introduction to Oceans, Marine Protected Areas and medical/scientific advances from underwater research.

Download The Cousteau Curriculum K-2:

Download The Cousteau Curriculum K 3-5:

Download The Cousteau Curriculum K 6-8:

Download The Cousteau Curriculum K 9-12:

Responses (4)

Ms Fett's Class said on the 02 Nov 19:03
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i have just tried to download the curriculum and just receive a title page for my efforts. is the content being revamped and not linked. i am a wee bit frustrated.

Manuela Correia said on the 02 Nov 16:53
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Thank you so much, Mission 31!
I think the lesson plan that better suits our students is the CC K 6-8.
When will we know for sure the date for the skype session?
Manuela from rainy Portugal :(

OceanProf said on the 02 Nov 03:25
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This is great! Even if the curriculum is tagged as K 9-12, it's appropriate for an introductory college-level course. I'll be incorporating it in the last four weeks of my online course "The Water Planet - Introduction to Oceanography". Thanks for making this curriculum available!

chryssanthe sotiriou said on the 01 Nov 18:56
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Thank you!!
Your resources-lesson plans are fantastic!
You are going to introduce the to all our levels.
Looking forward to the Skype connection. Chryssanthe Sotiriou: diver-teacher from Greece