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Normas APA

Resource shared by Bibliotecóloga Paola Andrea Guisao

Presentación didáctica donde se presenta a manera de resumen, las normas de estilo, citación y referenciación al estilo APA. Esta presentación está basada en la 6th edición del libro...


Jonathan’s Locket

Resource shared by Lorraine Carey

Downloadable Comprehension Worksheets are available on the author website for Jonathan’s Locket and a FREE Skype lesson to discuss the story with the author or an author interview. A...


Solfege-Patterns Song

Resource shared by WalterBoone

A great warm-up and ear-training tool, this is the Solfege-Patterns Song in C major World premiere and dedication to unity and world peace. When sung using the lyrics, which are pure...


Pen Pals Who WRITE!

Resource shared by Mrs. Lisa Mims

This is a project in which classes connect and write letters to each other. Usually classes connect once a month through mailed letters. Of course, you may connect via Skype or any other...


IELTS Speaking Class

Resource shared by Teacher Ben

We offer IELTS online class helping you prepare for the IELTS test with video lessons explaining the test tips and strategies and advice to improve your chances of success in IELTS. At...