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Live from the Iditarod Trail!

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As the 2014 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail, I'd love to bring the excitement of the Last Great Race live to your classroom!

As the Teacher on the Trail I will be following the race, travelling by bush plane from checkpoint to checkpoint and am looking for classes to Skype with from the trail! I'd love to show you and your students the energy and excitement of checkpoints along the trail and give them sneak peeks into what happens behind the scenes.

For more details about my adventure:

Contact me to talk about how to connect with me while I'm on the trail or to set up a Skype prior to the race!

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Mrs. Hart said on the 18 Mar 14:09
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Jan, If you are able I would like my class to skype with you to discuss your adventures as the Teacher on the Trail this year. We followed the race and the difficulties it presented this year. We could skype as late as May 22. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas are in the central time zone.

Avatar of Iditarod Teacher on the Trail
Iditarod Teacher on the Trail said on the 17 Feb 22:07
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Hi everyone! I am in Anchorage now and I think I have reached the limit of how many schools I can keep in touch with while I'm on the trail! I have 36 schools I have already started working with plus several classes at my home school. If you are still interested in my adventure, please follow my blog at you can also email questions to and I will do my best to get back to you. Thanks for all of the interest! It was actually a tad overwhelming!

Avatar of Ms. Morphew
Ms. Morphew said on the 10 Feb 21:07
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Our third-graders are currently learning about famous sled dogs and the Iditarod Race in an "Animal Heroes" unit. We are located in SW Arkansas, and our students (70% Hispanic) have relatively little schema on this topic. We would love to chat with you prior to the race, during, or both. Please let me know when. We are on Central Time. Thanks....

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