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Sounds of the Sea

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----Please note that I will be doing a big Skype in the Classroom group Skype sometime in early May 2014. Please sign up here if you want to know more---

For marine animals, sound is their primary sense. Since sound travels faster and farther in water than it does in air, it makes sound a really important and efficient way to communicate and sense their environment. So marine animals use sound a lot and for a lot of different reasons including finding and stunning prey, communicating with other animals and navigation. In fact, the ocean is a very noisy place! There are so many different types of sounds in the ocean.

Heather's research focuses on the sounds of Hawai'i and the sounds made by Hawaiian spinner dolphins. She is willing to speak with classes and groups about a variety of topics including the importance of sound for marine animals, the range of sounds in the sea, marine mammal sound diversity (they make a lot of really cool sounds!), Hawaiian spinner dolphin sound, noise as pollution and the effects of human-made sound on animals, what it is like to be a graduate student, what it is like to be a woman in science and "so you like science now what" a discussion of what students their age can do if they like science.

The objectives for each individual lesson could include:
1) describe the importance of sound for marine animals and why it is such an efficient way to communicate underwater.
2) list the different types of sounds Hawaiian spinner dolphins make and how they use each of those sounds.
3) to evaluate or debate the risk sound pollution and human-made sound for marine mammals.
4) identify opportunities for students to get involved in science.

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Mrs. Mancini said on the 19 May 02:33
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My name is Michelle Mancini. I am a third grade teacher at Concord Road School in Ardsley, New York. Our third graders are learning about the oceans and are very interested in sharks. We are researching oceans and ocean life now. Following this we will write persuasive pieces about why to save the oceans, sharks, etc. We would LOVE to have the opportunity to Skype with you and learn about your experiences. It would be with 40 students. Please email me at

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Mrs. Bhatt's Classroom said on the 19 May 01:59
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Hi there,

I teach first grade at Dett Elementary School in Chicago, IL. My students would love to participate in your Skype program. Please email me at so that we can set up a date for the 2014-15 school year. Thank you! Valerie Bhatt

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