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Open Hardware to Explore Oceans and fuel innovation

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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Technology has always been innovated based on other people's successes, from the discovery that the earth was round, to the invention of the telephone, steam engine or airplane. There are many examples of successful businesses openly sharing software, such as Mozilla and Linux, but the rise of the Open Hardware trend is just beginning. The Open Hardware definition states that it is any hardware whose documentation is made publicly available for others to use, modify, and distribute. This growing trend is founded in the belief that sharing ideas, designs, and methodologies can bring technological innovation and manufacturing mainstream on local and global scales, making it easier to engineer new solutions to complex problems.

In this 30 minute Skype lesson, we will discuss the definition of Open Source Hardware, explore its history, and discuss the implications of Open Hardware to facilitate ocean exploration and preservation. We will investigate specific examples of ocean robots, including OpenROV (an open source underwater submarine), Protei (open source sailing robot), Open Buoy (open collaboration platform for marine vessels), and Sneel (Open Source snake robot for exploring the oceans). We will also discuss examples of open source ocean sensors, and coastal communities spearheading efforts for using Open Hardware technologies for ocean exploration and preservation.

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