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Building leadership, values and ethics through healthy activities and sport

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Throughout my career I have lectured privately on the how to build leadership qualities, often through the medium of healthy physical activities and sport. Discussed within a very positive and uplifting manner for all ages, this is applicable for early business type classes, ethical studies and physical education.

Building leaders of tomorrow, starting today requires a firm ethical stance. If you care to hear more, I strongly suggest viewing my video log (i.e. "The Torchbearers", an opening introduction and the many others on my “YouTube” channel) as well as my extensive biography (

Thank you.

This is from a speech of mine, "The Torchbearers", originally given in 1999 (, my introductory speech for seminars ( but also suggest many of the videos on my channel.

My condensed biography, only within sport and exercise, is found at:

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