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Filmmaking in Ocean Conservation

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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Filmmaking is a powerful tool that can advocate for change. How can we use this technology for a good cause? With the advent of the smart phone, filmmaking has a whole new meaning.

In preparation, teachers and students selected to participate in this lesson will be asked to watch a miniseries of 4 short videos. This miniseries highlights the work of the non-profit MesoAmerican Reef (MAR) Leadership Program who approaches conservation through "intelligent investment in people." The videos not only profile the organization but highlight three biologists who have done tremendous work in ocean conservation.

What does it take to make a film that makes a difference? How do you tell BIG stories with little cameras? What are the ethical issues in filmmaking, and especially filmmaking in the ocean where animals are involved? Ask these questions and more!

Join Céline Cousteau for 30 minutes of adventure, storytelling, questions and answers!

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Mrs. Golding said on the 16 Apr 18:01
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I will be watching the four videos with my students on Tuesday the 22nd on earth day

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