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Walk on a disappearing glacier in Iceland via Skype

This Skype lesson ended on 26 Sep 2014.

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What is the relevance of disappearing ice for oceans now and in the future? Learn how the Earth ice and water systems are interconnected.

Ice masses are one of largest volumes of water on the planet. They are now melting rapidly and discharging their water storage into the oceans at an unprecedented rate in human history.

Students will be able to speak to Pall A. Davidsson the founder of Vox Naturae while he climbs to the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland. Vox Naturae is a global campaigning organisation for snow and ice.

This Skype lesson on a glacier is made possible with help from Icelandic Mountain Guides (, Iceland Rovers ( and 66 North (

Students will be engaged in discussions on how:
· Ice is retreating and disappearing around the globe.
· How ice dependent species such as seals and polar bears are affected.
· Coastlines around the globe will change with rise in sea levels and impacts those living on lands.
· Ocean currents are being affected and why that matters to everyone on the planet.

The Skype lesson is scheduled to take place on Friday 6 December but as with expeditions like this, it is dependent on the weather conditions. If it has to be cancelled for some reason, it will be rearranged for a later date.

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Páll Ásgeir Davíðsson

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Pall A. Davidsson the founder of Vox Naturae, a global campaigning organization for snow and ice. He i...

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Leena Antony said on the 29 Jun 13:20
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We are from Sanjivani International School,Mumbai,India.We would love to take a virtual walk on the glacier ,if the lesson is still on

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