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Me and my students at a middle school (10-12 years) near Stockholm in Sweden want to have contact with other students in schools in Europe. We can for example compare how it is to live and go to school in our countries, but also other things. We are open to suggestions! Get in touch! :-)

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Magdalena Brodzinska said on the 07 Nov 07:53
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Hello, I am an English teacher in a Polish school and I would like to start skype lessons in my school. My students are 13-16 years old. We also teach 16- 18 years old- they study tourism in our school and they are really willing to get to know other cultures. I thought about starting with Mystery Skype at first.

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berzonland21 said on the 04 Oct 19:11
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I have several classes in California, USA, that I would love to Skype with your Europe students to share culture and thoughts.

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Harun Çiftci said on the 24 Sep 08:47
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Hi!I am an English Teacher at Burdur Science and The Art Centre wihich gices education our city's highly gifted children.It will be grateful to share our school environment and culture with you via skype classes.My students are aged between 9-17 and our time zone is UTC+2.Our lessons start at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.If you really want to contact,please get in touch with me.Here is my mail
Best Regards
English Teacher

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