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Chat with author John Madormo about the CHARLIE COLLIER series!

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2015.

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The online visit begins with brief personal background details (how I got here); a short discussion of the “Charlie Collier, Snoop for Hire” series; followed up by an interactive presentation titled CREATING THE MYSTERY; then some Q&A; and we close with a series of Charlie Collier’s FAVORITE BRAIN TEASERS.

CREATING THE MYSTERY is a Powerpoint presentation that identifies all of the necessary elements in the creation of an interesting and compelling mystery; it asks the students to recall their own favorite mysteries, and to find each of these key elements within the story; and it features a discussion of all the tools that a successful mystery writer must have in his/her arsenal before writing down a single word.

Available for 4-5 classroom visits per month.

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Mrs. Singh said on the 11 Jul 20:19
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What book do you suggest I read to the students before I Skype with you?
I teach fourth grade, do you think these books would be age appropriate for my students (ages 9 and 10)
Mrs. Singh

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