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I usually split my presentations into two parts: 20-30 minutes of me talking about whatever subjects most interest the class, followed by a Q&A session. Most often, I touch upon story ideas and inspiration, the craft of writing, poetry and poetic techniques, my experiences in the publishing world, and my collaborations with illustrators.

Most of all, I like to keep my presentations candid and humorous, but never at the expense of interesting, insightful content. If there's a specific book you would like me to discuss, that's no problem: Have a look at the presentation page of my website, where I describe talks I've pre-prepared, based on each of my books. You can visit that page here:

I’m available for (1) Skype visit per month.

If you are interested in having Robert speak to your classroom please submit your request to

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Heli setiawati said on the 06 Mar 01:21
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Hello, I just registered to this lesson. I want to know more about it.. will you come to my class in skype?

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