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Let's Talk Sea Turtles

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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In the Let's Talk Sea Turtles Two-Part Skype Class , students will learn the following:

  1. The names of the seven specifies of sea turtles in total.

  2. Where the sea turtles live, eat, how and where the females give birth to their young.

  3. Why the sea turtles are considered an endangered species.

  4. How some of the turtles received their injuries.

  5. How they can help save the endangered sea turtles.

  6. Students will have the opportunity to experience the sea turtles long journey after birth, by watching selected video's which have been provided for the teachers to select.

  7. Students will receive an Underwater Odyssey Certificate for becoming "A Blue Planet Legacy Hero" at the end of the Skype Class.

  8. Students will also receive Author, Krista Dunlop's e-book entitled "Sick & Injured Marine Animals Tell Their Stories."

  9. This Skype Lesson is held in two parts and is 1/2 hour in length. Please contact Krista by Skype to scheduled your Skype Lesson.

Contact Krista Dunlop at to schedule your Skype In A Classroom Lesson.

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Avatar of Mrs. Bhatt's Classroom
Mrs. Bhatt's Classroom said on the 19 May 02:18
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Hi there,

I teach first grade at Dett Elementary School in Chicago, IL. My students would love to participate in your Skype program. Please email me at so that we can set up a date for the 2014-15 school year. Thank you! Valerie Bhatt

Avatar of PatRabbitt
PatRabbitt said on the 01 May 12:47
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left a couple messages here and heard nothing -- disappointed.

Avatar of Ms. Cauley
Ms. Cauley said on the 01 May 05:34
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I am very interested in this lesson for my 5th graders. How can I arrange a time?

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