Learn about Fort Loudoun, an outpost among the Cherokee (1756-1760)

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During the French and Indian War (1754-1763), the British Colony of South Carolina felt threatened by French trade activities in the Mississippi River Valley. To counter this, the colony sent the Independent Company of South Carolina to build and garrison what became Fort Loudoun in 1756. Located in present day Tennessee, this post acted as a deterrent to the French, and temporarily strengthened ties between the British and Overhill Cherokee. However, this alliance would fall apart in 1759, leading the Cherokee to besiege and capture the fort in 1760.

This lesson will introduce participants to the complex diplomatic relationships between the English and Native people of the South Eastern United States through the story of Fort Loudoun. Participants will interact with staff dressed in 18th century clothing, learn about the different people who lived at the fort during its four year existence, and discuss the life of soldier in the king's service during the French and Indian War.

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Donovan School said on the 24 Jan 20:56
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Our fifth grade students just finished the war and would love to connect. They have many interesting questions for you! Thank you so much.

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Warnecke's 4th Grade Class said on the 22 Dec 23:17
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Hello. My 4th grade class will soon be learning about the Revolutionary War and what attributed to the War. I think this would be an amazing experience because this is the first time I have ever tried this. Would it be possible to schedule a time for 2nd week of January 2014? Please email me at

Thank you,
Ms. Warnecke

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MrsDragotta said on the 21 Nov 02:05
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I'm Jen Dragotta from Conway, SC. I teach 3rd grade and would love to participate. MY students have just learned about conflict between Natives and settlers, including the Cherokee. Please let me know if this would be available in the next few months.

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