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Natural Disasters: Global Connection

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I am a computer teacher for a K-8 Catholic School in Brick, New Jersey - United States. I currently advise a technology club.

In late October 2012, our state experienced Hurricane Sandy, a powerful tropical storm. Many of our students lost their homes, personal keepsakes, and missed school for a short period of time. Local attractions and our shore were destroyed. We are all still in the process of re-building.

Students at our school are very eager to share their experiences and learn about places around the world that have experienced similar or more devastating disasters. For most of our community this experience could be once in a lifetime.

We would be interested to learn about how your communities prepare for disaster and what efforts and resources are utilized in your area.

Miss Shana Carver

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Shana Lopez said on the 12 Apr 20:22
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Our 4th grade is preparing for a natural disaster unit and would LOVE the opportunity to skpye with a classroom that has expereinced natural disasters. We have many tornadoes in Missouri and could our experiences. Please contact me if you are interested in skyping in the next 4 weeks! Thanks... Shana

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Scientist Man said on the 21 Mar 15:08
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JBev's Class said on the 19 Mar 17:48
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We would love to participate! My students are older, but would still love the experience. We are in Southeast Louisiana and have experienced several hurricanes, including Katrina. We are in school CST 7:45-3, please message so we can arrange a Skype.

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