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Read Across America 2013

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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I teach second grade in Maine and I'm looking for other classes to Skype with on Read Across America Day on Friday March 1, 2013. Last year my class did this and had a blast. We're looking for classes of any age to share in celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Some ideas for our skype call:

-Read the "Reader's Oath" together to kick off our pledge to read everyday. You can find the oath here:
-Read part of your favorite picture book or Dr. Seuss book
-Recite some Dr. Seuss together
-Tell about your favorite place to read
-Tell about your favorite book and why
*If your class has 1-1 devices students can read to each other

We're available to Skype 8:50-2:00 EST. Please send a message/email via Skype if you'd like to set up a time to Skype on Read Across America Day!

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Mrs. McInerney said on the 14 Jun 01:23
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I would love to do this with you on Read Across America Day 2014. I am a teacher librarian, so will be in the library all day with classes K-5. Please email me at to begin planning.

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Kaislerb said on the 01 Apr 13:34
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I have a preschool class of 20 students. I would love to connect to older classrooms who would be interested I'm reading to our class. If you are interested please email me at Thank you!

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beapayot said on the 25 Feb 16:53
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I have a first grade class that would love to read a poem to your class. I was hoping you could also read a poem for us.

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