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Mystery Skype between WI and a NE state - 3rd/4th grade

This Skype lesson ended on 07 May 2013.

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Hello! We are a 4th grade class looking to connect with a classroom from the North East region. We would like to Mystery Skype with your classroom to discover where you are from! Students would ask questions of each other, starting from the very broad and narrowing it down at the end. Your students would guess that we are from WI and you are from ___!

We would like to do a half hour Skype with you sometime around 10:50-11:40am CST. We are flexible on the day of the week. We would like to get this going as soon as possible.

Please email mgreen at if you are interested in being our Mystery Skype pals! You may also leave a message here if you would prefer me to email you. Thanks - We look forward to matching up with another class!

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