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Avatar of Holly Dilatush
Holly Dilatush said on the 30 Apr 15:33
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I just went back one last time to my class description, and THIS time I noticed a button "show more people registered" and when I click on that, voila! All 8 registrants appear.

Perhaps making this link more visible would help, perhaps it's just me, learning to navigate yet another site.

Either way, I'm grateful to figure this out! I still have questions about notification process (or lack of?).

Hope to hear from someone,

Avatar of Holly Dilatush
Holly Dilatush said on the 30 Apr 15:27
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I missed this opportunity, just finding the link to it today.
I have listed a class (languages / Transcription Chat/Class) and changed it to reflect a weekly time (since it does not appear easy to schedule recurring listing any other way?)

I see that I had 8 registrants, BUT only 3 appeared in the list below the class description. The (8) was grayed out so I cannot click to see who else registered.

When someone registers for a class I've listed, what happens? Am I notified (Can I click something to enable notification)?

How will I know WHO to add to the class group?

Hoping by posting here I'll figure out how to navigate my way around Skype in the Classroom better!


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