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Use Skype to join explorer Mark Wood on his Everest adventure

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In March 2013 I will be leading an expedition through the Nepalese side of the Himalayas in an attempt to summit Mount Everest.

I am looking for ten schools from ten different countries to connect with using Skype during my ascent.

Everest has been climbed before, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy – climbing over seven thousand metres is still unknown to me and like all extreme expeditions, Mother Nature will dictate the eventual possibility of success.

The reason I am taking this journey is to inspire others to understand their own planet and to encourage people to keep on exploring.

I will speak to the ten schools about the problems the Nepalese people face because of climate change. I will also invite a climate specialist to talk about the shifting glaciers that have a direct affect on the local people and, of course, the rest of the planet.

To be in with the chance of being one of the ten schools selected, simply click 'I would like to take part'.

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sonali.roy9 said on the 18 Sep 11:29
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Yesterday, Oakridge International School, Newton Campus, students of Grade 5 connected to Mark Wood for their unit on Exploration and had a wonderful session. Children asked him so many questions, but he patiently answered each one. Thanks to Mark & Skype!

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Mrs.Williams said on the 28 Feb 02:21
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We would be extremely thrilled to take part in this memorable event. We are discussing where polar bears live and climate changes we are experiencing.

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