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This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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About this Skype lesson is an organization created to promote and facilitate the learning of new languages, mainly focused on oral skills.
We believe that oral skills are the base of human communication and that, in order to really know a language, you have to talk it. And the best way to talk is practice (skype is great for this!)

If you are a student, you will find here fellow students to chat and make friends with, and teachers to get classes in the areas you need improvement.

If you are a teacher, a lot of students here will be waiting for you and other fellow teachers will be willing to help you and share knowledges.

We also provide online tools for students and teachers!!

Join here for discussion of language teaching using skype.

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lerman said on the 16 Aug 09:57
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hello .ladies and gentleman .i am new here .

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alice said on the 22 Apr 14:05
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Hello, I am a Brazilian teacher and I would like to exchange my classes with English natives help me! :) alice.f85 to add me

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