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Discover more about euglena, a microscopic organism (「0.05ミリの微生物がもつ、食糧栄養問題と環境問題解決への可能性」)

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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In Japan most people have learned about Euglena in either primary or middle school. Euglena is a type of micro algae that is only 0.05 mm in size but has huge potential.

It contains most of the nutrition which humans needs to live, with cultivation it produces oil which can be used as a bio-fuel. In many ways it could be used to save the world of food and malnutrition problems as well as energy problems.

The aim of the lesson is to stimulate interest in science and for students to engage with environmental issues and biodiversity.

Take part in this scientific experiment lesson and learn about the future possibility of our society with this microscopic organism!

Each group taking part in the lesson will be sent some biscuits made with Euglena to sample.


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Avatar of Rob Gosselin
Rob Gosselin said on the 24 Aug 17:12
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In sept/oct we are learning about the diversity of life & about cells in science 6 & 8 respectively, can you offer this lesson still? We are in Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks for letting me know!

Avatar of techtch
techtch said on the 01 Apr 13:29
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I teach computer technology to 4 4th grade classes who are completing a unit on microorganisms. Is this skype activity still taking place, or has it ended? I am sure they would all like to participate if it is still going on. Please let me know!

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