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In this class, we will help the students build their first mobile game using Our goal is to bring the joy of programming of early computers to modern, touch, cloud connected devices. Or to put it differently, we want to enable everyone create apps and not just download them from the store. During this class, we can recreate popular mobile games (or the latest hot game). No prior programming experience is required.

TouchDevelop runs on Windows, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, iPads, Android phones and tables, Macs, Linux. We recommend to allow students to use their own device so that they can create apps on the go. TouchDevelop will automatically detect if your device is compatible.

The class contains 3 modules: turtle graphics for beginners (, a fruit slicer game, ( and a bubble popper (

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QCA Tech said on the 19 Feb 15:05
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I teach Technology K-8, I would love to try this lesson with a few of my classes.

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