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Living and Growing Up in Oklahoma's 10 Nature Regions

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I am an elementary computer lab teacher at Mills Elementary in Owasso. I am currently teaching a unit with 2/3 multiage and 3rd grade students that introduce them to the diversities of our states ten natural regions and how they have effected where people have started communities. My goal for this project is to allow students to connect to other elementary school students and hear from them what kinds of jobs their parents have, find out whether they live in a rural or urban environment, and what natural regions occur in their area of the state. Pictures are fantastic in giving students a visual view of a region, but to have another student that lives in this part of the state describe what life is like to live on a farm with massive wheat fields or a ranch with cattle, or look up and in every direction and all see is massive trees or no trees at all will have a much greater impact on student what it is like to live in this very diverse state. If you are able to connect with us we are

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