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We love Burlington, Vermont! What do you love about your town/city? View our Photo Story Show & Share Yours!

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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“What makes our city/town such a special place?” As part of our Community & Mapping units, my third graders created a Photo Story slideshow to showcase our favorite things about our city, Burlington, Vermont. My goal was to build class community as we learned about mapping features and took walking tours to explore our favorite downtown Burlington landmarks. This unit centers on the Place Based Education work presented by David Sobel. Mr Sobel feels that students should explore their surroundings in and around their school. See below for the student created video "Why We Love Burlington, Vermont". My students hope to share our slideshow with your class and then have your students create a project (of your choosing) to tell us what you love about your town. If your class is interested, perhaps this project could lead to further Skype communication.

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