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Chat with graphic novelist Stephen McCranie about Cartooning!

This Skype lesson ended on 22 Nov 2013.

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My name's Stephen and I make an all-ages graphic novel series called Mal and Chad. Mal and Chad is about a boy genius and his talking dog. Together they go on crazy fun adventures!

I draw my comics digitally, which lets me use skype screenshare to do live drawings for the kids. The kids get to watch me draw all over the screen as I explain to them fundamental ideas about storytelling and drawing, and how both are essential to making great comics. At the end, I answer questions while drawing a request from the audience. Then, when the presentation is over, I sign the drawing and convert the entire document I made with the class into a pdf, which I send to the teacher to print out and pass out, if they so please.

I’m available for 8 Skype visits a month. Each visit is for approximately 25 minutes.

Submit your Skype requests to authorvisits[at]

Author website:

The 40 page preview of Mal and Chad, Belly Flop!:

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Room209 said on the 17 Sep 00:57
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I would love for my class to hook up with you via Skype! Please let me know if you have any openings!

Avatar of BSinCO
BSinCO said on the 26 Jul 14:44
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Can we get a time set up? The kids will love this lesson.

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