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Christmas Around the World 2012

This Skype lesson ended on 24 Dec 2012.

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The 2nd and 4th grade students at Mockingbird Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska will be studying how people celebrate Christmas around the world. We would like to learn from your classes how you celebrate Christmas or other winter holidays. Each class would need to discuss customs, food, the country's interpretation of Santa Claus, and any other pertinent information for students to get a full picture of how the holidays are celebrated outside of their city, state, and country. Sign up if you are interested in providing a unique cultural learning opportunity for all of our students. We look forward to connecting and learning from you!

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eppsict doesn't have an avatar yet.
eppsict said on the 28 Nov 06:45
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Hi we are a primary school and are very interested in taking part

Mrs Foss doesn't have an avatar yet.
Mrs Foss said on the 26 Nov 17:03
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I would like to have my first grade classroom from Iowa take part, is it too late to participate?

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