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How far food and culture are related

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I am an Egyptian teacher of English. I teach a group that ranges between 12-15 group of adult upper elementary (A2) learners. I am interested in pairing them up with another class of EFL/ESL learners from around the globe. I've chosen food out of 3 themes (movies, food, transport). I would like my learners discuss with their keypals how food and culture are related. I hope this project lasts from 2-3 weeks. I am collecting data from these cultural exchanges. I hope that my partner teacher will have the same interest in collecting and analyzing these cultural exchanges.

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Jodie Deinhammer said on the 20 Mar 17:00
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I am doing a similar project with high school seniors in Texas. We are trying to gain perspective from other countries on the American obesity epidemic. Feel free to have your students respond to our blog with opinions from your area. We would love to participate in a Skype as well.

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Mangalika said on the 24 Jan 15:19
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I think the food & food habits are different from country to country & from culture to culture.It's better if we share the things through skype lessons.

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Nana said on the 15 Jan 04:13
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How to find this classroom on my skype account ?

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