Collaborative Writing and Reading Friends with iPads

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We are a 4th grade one to one iPad pilot class looking for another one to one iPad or laptop class that would like to share their writing, collaborate on-line to create a story, and work to improve fluency. We are an English speaking group with several dual language students that speak Spanish as well. We are excited to use our new technology to meet other students from across the country and world that have the same love to write as we do!

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Ms.Gomez said on the 23 Apr 20:55
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I am really interested in this lesson! I teach K and all my students have iPad. Right now, we are having a cyber reading club. We meet with different schools and discuss some books.
My kids can work with a lot of apps writing and taking pictures. We would like to collaborate!

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Mrs_Zimmerman116 said on the 17 Feb 13:03
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I am looking to take part in a collaborative writing project of some kind. I would like it to be a more competitive PBL between classes or "groups" with an ending that is pleasing for all. Still working on the details. If you would like to be in it as well that would be great. I am always looking for new ways to get kids writing. We have lap tops that we could use, but not a bunch of I-pads. We only have three for the school at the time. Let me know if you are interested.

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Room 108 said on the 14 Feb 14:40
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Greetings! I'm new to Skype in Education, and this sounds like a great way to get started. We have recently acquired iPads for our classroom. We have three, but can collect enough to make a class set if necessary. I'll add you on skype. Thanks!

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