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I would like one to three other classes from different parts of the world to get together about once every two weeks. I would like to have kids share their ideas and feelings to promote tolerance and understanding especially between different cultures. In addition, I would like to build a relationship between us. We could also have students blog to each other, the possibilities are endless.
I would also like this to be a collaborative project. So if other teachers have a better idea of what to do and/or discuss, I am completely open to it. I have created a Google Doc for teachers to also sign up and put their information on so please do so now! For more information, please visit: . I just got a free group membership from Skype so that we can connect! I look forward to working with you and having our students learn from and with each other!

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Samina Naz said on the 07 Dec 20:32
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Hello Ms Hutch,
I am Samina Naz from Beaconhouse School System Steel Town Branch Karachi, Pakistan.I teach English and Science to grade IV.I love to collaborate for meaningful learning among my students.We are having our winter vacations in the last week of December. Thank you for creating group for grade IV.

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Miss Megan said on the 16 Nov 18:53
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Hello! My name is Miss Megan and I a third grade teacher at an international school in Brazil. We have a full circle learning curriculum at our school and we have been focusing on respect and tolerance so far this year. I would love for them to connect with other children their age around the world!

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