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Chat with author Ally Condie about her book MATCHED!

This Skype lesson ended on 27 Feb 2014.

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I love talking with high school and middle age students about the writing process, about how I came to write the MATCHED trilogy (and other works). I especially love answering student questions. My presentation includes information about the poetry, art, landscape, music, and people that influence my writing, and I also love talking with students about ways to find inspiration for their own work.

Ally is available for 5 Skype visits. Each visit will consist of a 30 minute question/answer with students who have already read MATCHED.

Download the MATCHED lesson plan:

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MrsMerritt said on the 19 Jul 16:10
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My honors literature classes absolutely love your trilogy! Please discuss with us the ins and outs of becoming a successful writer. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Our classes commence the end of August.

Avatar of courtneywood
courtneywood said on the 18 Oct 14:27
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Just a reminder all appearance requests must be sent via EMAIL to authorvisits[at]

Thank you,
Penguin Young Readers Group

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