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Love Potatoes! Learn about growing your own vegetables & sustainable farming

This Skype lesson ended on 02 Sep 2014.

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ActionAid is working with Ashley School in Surrey, England to investigate some really big questions about food.

Our first lesson aims to give students an understanding of how food is grown. We will start by finding out how and why Ashley School are growing 26 varieties of potatoes!

Pupils will show you the potatoes they have grown, explain the different varieties and how they grew them. We’ll find out what they learnt in different lessons like geography and science and compare their experiences with those of children and their families who grow food in Africa.

In the meantime, you can access some great free resources from the ActionAid website:

World Food Day 2012 free posters -

KS2 Food PowerPoint with teacher notes -

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Avatar of tnesloney
tnesloney said on the 22 Oct 16:30
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We want to take part, and have recieved an email requesting confirmation but FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I CANNOT figure out how to reply and let you know YES, we're interested.

Avatar of Shannon
Shannon said on the 03 Oct 09:56
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We have a Growing Success school gardening program at our K-8 school and would love to participate in this project. Please let us know what we need to do next to get involved.

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