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Chat with author Jay Asher about his books THIRTEEN REASONS WHY and THE FUTURE OF US

This Skype lesson ended on 02 Apr 2014.

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In a 45-60 minute Skype visit, I'll describe my often frustrating 12 year journey to publication. I'll discuss where the ideas for my books came from, the unique ways each book needed to be written, and reveal some edits that made the books stronger. I'll talk about some beautiful and unexpected reactions to the books, and the steps Hollywood is taking to turn them into movies. And then I'll open it up for questions!

I am available for 2 Skype visits a week.

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MrsMerritt said on the 19 Jul 16:24
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My high school American and world literature classes are extremely interested in discussing what it takes to make it as a writer. We would love talking with you and possibly even collaborating on a project!

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