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Plymouth University Iceland trip

This Skype lesson ended on 01 Nov 2012.

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We have teamed up with Plymouth University geography department and began working with their latest fieldwork project, who are out in Iceland. They are looking for live interaction as they go along on their project, this can be done through via Education Through Expeditions discussion boards. Our students and staff can be contacted via the interactive platform. Although our website is usually charged, through this partnership with Skype, we are offering people the chance to have a free membership lasting the duration of this project, please email Oli at to have a login set up.

Subjects being covered - Human Geography, Volcano's, Glaciers, Rivers and Coastal Processes, History, Saga's, Icelandic Horses and much much more.

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L Shaw said on the 16 Oct 10:00
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Hi, as a graduate of the University of Plymouth I was extremely excited to see this lesson available on Skype. I have several Year 8 classes who are currently studying plate tectonics; I would like to include a case study lesson with them about the benefits and disadvantages that are associated with living in Iceland. So far the curriculum has concentrated on disasters such as the Japanese Tsunami and Haiti Earthquakes, leaving the students with the impression that everyone should just move away from plate boundaries! I want to show how people manage and use the features found at a plate boundary e.g. the potential of geothermic energy.
Would anyone in your team be interested in answering student questions via email or preferably via a Skype conversation that would last approximately 15 minutes per class or 30 minutes as an after school activity. It could be arranged to be as convenient as possible? The questions would be about the physical processes happening (simplified answers please!!), the features the plate boundary creates in Iceland, and about how fieldwork at university is carried out.


Lynne Catriona Shaw

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