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Formosa with the World!

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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A simple project with a easy sense,
This project was created from a Taiwan High School Club,
We're looking for 14~18yo students from anywhere, but actually open to anyone in the world!

Have you ever been to a building with 101 floors?
Have you ever been to a chinese town with foreign histories and cultures?
Do you know where did your Acer, Asus laptop/desktop or HTC smartphone come from?
Do you know what does Formosa actually mean in Portuguese?

Why not join this project and get to know more about Taiwan?
and we can teach you to speak Chinese!

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Laneyes said on the 10 Aug 00:53
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I'm have some students in this age group. I just started teaching and getting to know them. I will talk about this program with my coworkers on our next meeting and discuss if I could get the students involved. That would be great!
Thanks for creating this project.

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