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This Skype lesson ended on 27 Aug 2014.

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The concept is simple: Classrooms Skype call each other and try to guess where the other classroom is located either in the United States or in the world. On the day of the call, students use their resources in trying to figure where the other class is calling from via Skype.

This Skype guide call is meant for those who are unsure to start or need new ideas.

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Avatar of Miss Ale Sanchez
Miss Ale Sanchez said on the 13 Apr 16:01
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Hi everyone!
I'm new on the education skype, and I'm looking for somebody who likes to read a little story about friendship to my girls for kindergartden.
I'm thinking 2 week of May.

Avatar of Ms Batson
Ms Batson said on the 10 Aug 18:10
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I was wondering if any classroom (preferably 3rd grade) would be interested in doing a mystery Skype lesson this upcoming fall (2014). I was hoping to try one in October or November?

Avatar of Mr. Lovely Grade 5
Mr. Lovely Grade 5 said on the 11 Jun 22:20
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Interested in doing a mystery skype next Thursday June 19th at 1:30 pm Mountain time. We are a 5th grade class in Red Deer, Alberta Canada.

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