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Kindergarten Hang Out!! Super Skypers!

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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This Skype is for Kindergarteners to meet each other and share in their morning meeting or circle time.

We will ask:

Where are you?
How many kids in your class?
What is the weather?
What is the temperature today?
How many days of school have you done so far?
How did you get to school today?

We are open to any suggestions or ideas for sharing and learning together.

This is my third year running this program. What I have learned is that most people sign up on the Skype in the Classroom site but when it comes to actually connecting via e-mail, that's when the problems start. Many people sign up here and then never follow through. Instead of just signing up here, please fill out this Google Doc in order to be added to the schedule.

This is a great introduction to Skype for Kindergarten students. Can't wait to meet you all!!

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Mrs.G said on the 07 Sep 21:10
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We are a kindergarten class of 18 students. This would be our first Skype so any helpful advice would much appreciated!

Avatar of Jessica Jundef SSDSGMC
Jessica Jundef SSDSGMC said on the 17 Jan 22:06
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Hello Super Skypers! I have many people who seem to be interested but very few of you are actually answering my e-mails. Most Skypes will take place on Tuesdays at 2:00 ET or Thursdays at 9:30 ET. Please e-mail me if you are interested in either. Thanks.

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