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2022 - What will it mean for you?

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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This project asks children and adults to think about the future and what it will be like for them in 10 years time. What technology will be used? What jobs will they have? What will home / transport be like? How will schools change? What will stay the same? What will be different?
Would you be interested in sharing some thoughts with us about the changes that we think are going to happen in the next decade? We are wanting to engage with a number of schools so that we can have some thought - provoking sessions that will make the children see beyond the present and beyond themselves.

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Avatar of Maria Meow
Maria Meow said on the 24 Nov 12:59
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Hi everybody
Im just a pupil and would like to take part in discussing from my home compute. Is possible to do?

Avatar of Ritu Bhandari
Ritu Bhandari said on the 29 Sep 02:11
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Hi , your lesson seems very interesting ....when canwe arrange a Skype meeting with our students ?

Avatar of Pynchonic
Pynchonic said on the 26 Aug 14:15
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Dr Tyagi,
I will look for dates in September and then we can exchange Skype details to arrange a meeting.

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