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Guess where I am from! Skype demonstration for a big Professional Development workshop

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Hi, my name is Hiroaki. I am a ESL /TESOl/ LLN practitioner from Sydney. We are having a big event for our English teachers who need professional development in using technology. Im looking for a few people to participate in this project on this particular day (Date will be decided soon). An activity I am going to do is called "Guess where I am from" In this activity, you will be on Skype video for a few minutes in front of our teachers. Teachers will ask you some questions to find out where you are calling from. You are not allowed to talk until the end. Instead of speaking, you will need to answer all the questions by writing. I would like to get volunteers from all over the world. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you!!

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Ark Tanaka said on the 24 Jul 06:59
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P.S I would like to go through a rehearsal with you this Thursday 26th July (sydney time) so please get back to me asap if you are still interested! thank you

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Ark Tanaka said on the 24 Jul 06:51
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hi all,
The date of BIg Day In is this Friday (sydney time) 27th of July starting from 1:45
I'm planning to do this game around 2pm. I have already got one volunteer who confirmed that he is willing to participate. Due to limited time frame, I can only ask one or two more persons to participate on this day. Whoever contacted me first will get it so could you please let me know if you are able to appear on the screen at this time and on this date? Thank you all!!!

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