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Chat with author Ingrid Law about her books SAVVY and SCUMBLE

This Skype lesson ended on 17 Sep 2014.

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I offer a 15-25 minute 'Meet the Author' Q&A Skype session for groups of students in 3rd-7th grade who have already finished reading one of my books. My sessions are casual and fun, giving young readers the opportunity to ask me direct questions about what they have read, what it is like to be an author, and about the writing process. I do not offer any formal presentations via Skype at this time

If you are interested in having Ingrid speak to your classroom please submit your request to She is currently only scheduling visits for March/April/May 2015.

2009 Newbery Honor winner INGRID LAW is the New York Times Bestselling author of Savvy and its new companion novel, Scumble.

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wilcox.4th.tx doesn't have an avatar yet.
wilcox.4th.tx said on the 18 Sep 15:09
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Hello Ingrid,

How can I set up a 4th grade Skype with you about Savvy? We'd love to set it up for the end of October/beginning of November...

Katherine Wilcox
4th Grade Teacher

Junior Library doesn't have an avatar yet.
Junior Library said on the 30 Jun 03:19
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Hello Ingrid,
It would be wonderful if the grade 5 class could speak with you via SKYPE when we are discussing Savvy. Hope this can be arranged for September.

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