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1st grade - Learning about plants in different parts of the world

This Skype lesson ended on 30 May 2012.

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We are a first grade class in southern Maine that are learning about plants, such as what part makes up a plant, where do they grow, can you eat them etc. We would love to collaborate with other 1st grade classes around the world to learn about what plants grow in their part of the world. In Maine one of our native plants are blueberry bushes . What plants are native to your area? What makes the plant grow where you live? Is it warm, cold, lots of rain or sun where you live? We would love to Skype with you, share photos and videos of what grows in our neck of the world!

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Teatcher in taby said on the 18 Aug 19:00
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Hello! I assume you are not talking about plants still. But I and my class might be able to contribute something else from Sweden if you are interested.

with kind regards
Sofie and my 7-year-olds.

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Stephanie Dulmage said on the 15 May 11:50
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I live in the US but would love to take part if you find global collaborators. We are in the middle of a PBL unit of study called the Great Bean Race. The overarching question is: How can I grow a bean plant at least 3 feet tall that is growing and flourishing?

I teach 25 first graders in Michigan.
Stephanie Dulmage

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Nexus year1 said on the 05 May 13:59
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we are in Malaysia- so tropical- we are learning about what the weather is like in different countries and what Geographical features there are- so could link up?

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