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A Spanish classroom and English classroom would connect and exchange pre-written questions. Conversation would be in English half of the time and Spanish the other half. Beforehand, teachers would make sure good questions are written and that various cultural topics are discussed.

Una clasede espanol y una clase de Ingles se conectan y hablaran en espanol por la mitad de la duracion y en ingles por la otra mitad. Los profesores aseguraran que las preguntas hechas sean apropiadas y relevantes a temas culturales y de interes.


Two Spanish classrooms connect and converse ONLY in Spanish, using roughly the same format.
Dos clases de Espanol se conectan y hablen SOLO en Espanol sigiendo la misma estructura.

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lola2013 said on the 08 Sep 18:06
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iteach 5th grade english and science classes in Madrid Spain.It would be greatto do half and half skype sessions with you

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Todd Phillips said on the 29 Aug 20:55
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Yes, I would really like that. My classes which will be starting next week will be almost completely new to Spanish, so they will not be able to do this project immediately. The ages of my students will be 11-12, but I will have students that are your students' age at other points in the year. Since you are 7 hours ahead of us, we might have to work out a time when either we come in early (at the end of your day) or you stay a little late (at the beginning of our day). We have school from 7:30-2:30 AM EST (Chicago). When is your school day?

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